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Hunting horns section

Initially founded to play the mass of Saint Hubert in the church of Notre Dame des Victoires in the Sablon, the Royal Saint Hubert Society quickly grew and became involved in many celebrations, both religious and secular.

Today, although the mass at the Sablon remains the high point of the year for the Society, which has made it an obligation for its members, the goal of our society is to keep this tradition of the hunting horn alive and to participate in your events by bringing this musical touch so specific to our instrument.

We therefore go to various places to play Saint Hubert’s masses, wedding masses, funerals, sporting events, village festivals, forest events and much more.

Bridge section

Very early on, the players of the Circle started playing bridge among themselves. However, the first written record we have of it is a note from a former member who writes that he will play Bridge at Saint Hubert in 1934.

Later, with the organization of tournaments during the Second World War for the benefit of the Winter Relief and the members of the Society who were prisoners in Germany, and then under the leadership of President Louis Van Loey, who was as good a buzzer as he was a bridge player, the Bridge section of the Society grew in importance.

Currently the Bridge Section meets every Saturday at 2:15 pm in the premises of Tennis Montjoie and organizes a Duplicate (competitive bridge where all the players North-South and East-West will play the same deals). Cash prizes are distributed to the first 3 players. The tournaments take place in a friendly atmosphere.

A New Year’s Eve dinner is organized every January.

We welcome bridge players of all levels, but ask them to come in “pairs” if possible.

Support the Society

The beautiful venery outfits and the trumpets do not maintain themselves, so we are always looking for ways to continue to perpetuate the Society and its traditions.

So do not hesitate to call upon our services to embellish your ceremonies or events whatever they may be.

There is also the possibility of becoming an honorary member of the Society by supporting us financially.

For these purposes, you can contact us via the contact page or send your donations via the following link:


or via paypal


Thank you for helping us to keep alive these traditions which, although too often unrecognized, are an integral part of our heritage.

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